Effusion Lamps and Fragrances.

Originally developed in the 19th century for hospitals and mortuaries, effusion lamps do much more than just claim to cover up odors. These simple catalytic devices actually work to make odors disappear. Most products on the shelves these days claim to be able to do the same, but there is no comparison. Effusion lamps feature a sort of glass or ceramic reservoir into which an isopropyl alcohol based fragrance is poured. The lamp is then fitted with a small stone attached to a cotton wick. The wick and stone soak up the alcohol solution and the stone is then lit on fire for a few minutes. The flame is then extinguished and the lamp produces fragrance and eliminates odors until the stone is cold, or the fragrance solution runs out.

Alcohol solutions are available in a wide range of fragrances from floral and sugary to masculine and bold. Also available is a solution called "Dilute," which has no fragrance at all. It can be used in lieu of a fragrance, or to dilute fragrances that may be too strong. 


Fragrance Club

Tinder Box offers discounts for purchasing effusion lamp fragrances. Any customer who purchased one bottle of fragrance is eligible to join. The fragrance card will never expire, and once seven bottles are bought, the eighth bottle is always free!

Woodwick and Ribbonwick Candles

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