Whether you're an experienced pipe smoker or just starting out, we have the perfect pipe for you! Here at Tinder Box, we don't just sell pipes and tobacco, we are pipe smokers. We can tell you from personal experience why you might like one pipe over another. If you come in looking for a pipe and have questions, please feel free to ask them!  

We have a wide variety of pipes to choose from. All locations will have a selection of basket pipes, wall pipes, and case pipes. Our staff is always standing by and excited about helping you pick out your new pipe! We want to spend the time helping you pick one. It's a very personal decision to make, and we want you to enjoy your experience.

Basket pipes refer to selections of briar that may have imperfections. These pipes are mostly machine carved. Because of the lower price range, these pipes are ideal for beginners and for those looking for a pipe to take on the road.

Wall pipes refer to a higher grade of briar. Some of these pipes will be machine carved. These pipes are great as transitions into the pipe collecting world. You'll find more recognizable brands like Savinelli, Paronelli, Nording, and Viking Classic here.

Case pipes refer to our high grade briar selection. Almost all of these pipes are hand carved, and a few of them are one of a kind. The cost of these pipes comes from the skill and experience needed to create something that will smoke beautifully, and last a lifetime. Even a beginning pipe smoker will benefit from the quality of these pipes. If you're serious about getting into the pipe lifestyle, these pipes are for you!